Submit Your Moonlight Pic of the Week

There’s rarely a more satisfying feeling than hitting that last run of the day, unbuckling those boots and taking off the beanie, feeling the crisp mountain air hit your face, and thinking back on those powder pockets you found during your ride.  Sure, you’ll tell your friends back home what they missed out on, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something to show them?  After all, the say a picture’s worth a thousand words…..

With over 1,900 acres of pristine groomers, tree glades, and challenging steeps to explore at Moonlight, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover.  We’re into seeing how you spent your time with us, so we’re excited to launch “Moonlight’s Pic of the Week” on Facebook.  Whether it’s a blue bird day, a trick at Zero Gravity, or powder up to your thighs, snap a pic on your camera or phone and share them with us on our Facebook wall or by @tagging us.  Each week, we’ll be picking our favorite and giving away a lift ticket so you or a friend can come ride with us again.

There’s no limit to how many photos you can submit, so get snapping.  We’ll be picking our first winner Friday, February4th.

Now stop reading this and hit the slopes!  It’s looking great up here.


*By submitting a picture on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter or any other social media channel to “Pic of the Week” you are giving your permission for any photos to be used and published by Moonlight Basin for promotional purposes.*

One Response to “Submit Your Moonlight Pic of the Week”
  1. Kim Meyer says:

    Moonlight, you guys are awesome!! Thank you again for another opportunity to come enjoy the Mountain for free!! Can’t wait to send in some photos. Cheers

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