Moonlight Pic of the Week – 2.11.11

People come to Moonlight for the fresh tracks, great terrain, and absence of crowds.  What they don’t expect is to see their favorite childhood characters like Quail Man, Smurfette, and Super Man whiz down the mountain next to them on skis.

Congrats to Amy M. who made us laugh with her “Pic of the Week” submission.  We loved the personality in her photo, and all the characters that came out to ski with us.

Extra shout-out goes to the mystery man in the hot dog suit.  He trailed behind the group most of the day, but he did his best to ketchup.  (OK, horrible pun…but c’mon, that was clever.)

3 Responses to “Moonlight Pic of the Week – 2.11.11”
  1. C. Alexis Bennett says:

    Ahhh yes, the hot dog man will forever be shrouded in mystery meat!

  2. Super "woman" from Skiloween 2011 says:

    Not to be left out, we also had Space Ghost, a professor, Little Red Riding Hood & her husband, the Wolf, a Super-woman (hard to tell with the ski gear, but can’t leave out the girl power!) and a friend dressed up as her husband. Skiloween should be EVERY Saturday 🙂

    Thanks to Moonlight for being one of our new favorite places on Earth.

  3. C. Alexis Bennett—if only we had a prize for “Moonlight comment of the week”….hahaha. Thanks for making us laugh out loud! Mystery meat….

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