Too Many Choices, Never Enough Time

We always say life is too busy; there is never enough time to accomplish the things that we want to do. Well yesterday, after calling the Moonlight Basin Snow Phone at 6:35am and hearing reports of 8+ inches, I wondered if in my busy schedule there would be enough time for some powder turns. You can always fit in some turns, and so there you had it – second appointment of the day 10am ski break.

After a dry spell on Lone Mountain, the new snow pumped me up. Armed with great tunes on the ol’ iPod and my fat powder skis, I headed to the Six Shooter. With only one hour, I knew I had to carefully plot my route to ensure I captured every cold smoke turn that was possible. Riding up the mountain, I said to myself, “too many choices!” Do I take a quick Headwaters hike, lap the lift line on Lone Tree, drop in Rams Glade on my way to Lone Tree, Marshall, Trapline or my personal fav Single Jack? Ugh, I just can’t decide.

As I neared the top of the Sixer, Headwaters Bowl was calling my name with promises of fresh lines and 8 inches of soft, white powder. Up I went, and happily dropped into the bowl. It was an easy choice to divert my line and head back up the Headwaters Lift. Lap two was fantastic. Effortlessly sweeping left and right across the bowl, billowy pockets of powder rolled up into my lap.

On towards Stillwater Traverse, again a choice to be made. Tardy to my next appointment and head up Lone Tree lift? Or continued powder turns down Big Tree Cutoff? I think I made the responsible choice. And it was not a bad one! Big Tree Cutoff and Lower Trapline did not disappoint. I would share my route from the top of Six Shooter back to the Madison Village Base Area but would divulge too many secrets! What I can tell you is that I made the most of every turn and it was awesome, so let’s just leave it at that.

Working for a ski resort has it perks, and you’ve got to take advantage of them. So yesterday I did just that and even with little time, I made great choices and got some fantastic turns. Folks, take it from me, clear your schedules this weekend, make skiing at Moonlight Basin your priority and and get out there and get some for yerself!

Oh, and there’s more snow in the forecast!

Michelle Jondahl
Event & Program Manager
Marketing Coordinator
Moonlight Basin


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