Moonlight Basin: Operation Baby Billy

It could have been a baaad situation for little Billy, a young mountain goat who became separated from his fellow kind.  Rather than grazing up in the rocks on the rugged Lone Peak, Billy found himself in quite the predicament as he wandered smack-dab in the middle of a popular groomer.  Now, while we all can agree MB is a great place to spend your day, it’s safe to say that traversing down the mountain with a bunch of skiers isn’t the ideal place for a goat.  (Maybe he just got confused, and was looking to participate in Howlin’ at the Moon with the other four legged fellas….)

Regardless of his intentions, it was quite apparent that this guy didn’t belong on the run.  Once spotted, the area where the goat was wandering was temporarily closed, and with a little help from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden Ryan Gosse and the crew at Moonlight, the team swung into action to help a kid in need.   In what was probably the most random occurrence of the day, (but certainly not one of the strangest events ever seen on the mountain,) the team rounded up Baby Billy and put him in a large dog kennel for temporary safe keeping.

Once Billy was safe, secure, and off the mountain, the next step was to find him a good home.  FWP decided they could not with any good heart give the little goat to the zookeepers, so with cooperation with the Jumping Horse Ranch, Billy was released  into a group of goats found in Jack Creek Canyon.  As soon as the kid saw the herd, he took off toward them and they all headed back up the mountain together.  There have been no sightings of Billy since, but we imagine he is doing well his adoptive family.

And they all lived happily ever baaa-after. (To read the full story, click here.)


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