Jamie Pierre Guest Emcees at the Headwaters Runoff

Jamie Pierre visited Moonlight Basin a few weeks ago. He skied with locals, jumped off cliffs, stoked out the freeride team, and had a hard time leaving to go back home. It’s no wonder why he is coming back this weekend to participate as a guest emcee in Moonlight Basin’s very own Headwaters Spring Runoff competition.

The 6th annual Headwaters Spring Runoff is a freeride competition held in the Headwaters terrain on the north cirque of Lone Peak. The area’s steep terrain, rock buttresses, and immense cliffs make it a great venue for powder skiing and snowboarding. When asked if Jamie would like to compete in the competition, he humbly declined, saying that he would rather see the up-and-coming locals have a chance for recognition. Before mentioning,  “I’m not sure if I can ski that terrain as well as the locals do!” The Headwaters Spring Runoff consists of an experienced panel of judges led by Paul Herberger. Riders and skiers will be judged on their line choice, style, control, technique, and fluidity.

To start the weekend off right, competitors are invited to come out on Friday, April 1st, ski their lines, and join Jamie Pierre and the Moonlight Basin team for Kickoff Party at Headwaters Grille from 4:30-7pm. The party features a pasta feed – free for competitors, $12 for adults, $9 for children – and a special screening of the Ski Channel’s new ski move, “The Story”, which Pierre also stars in. The Headwaters Spring Runoff is Moonlight Basin’s signature event, which draws an amazing caliber of skiers and riders from all over the region. Come check out all the action from the viewing area in Stillwater Bowl on April 2nd! This year is sure to bring out some exciting riding and skiing, registered competitors have been scouting lines for weeks now, creating a buzz all about new lines and fast pointers. Jamie might say that most of this year’s registered competitors can shred that terrain better than he does, but we know he’s just being modest.


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