Unwind and Indulge at The Moonlight Basin Spa

Just steps from the ski hill, a relaxing world of rejuvenation and peaceful luxury awaits. Enter Moonlight Basin’s luxury spa, where guests revel in tranquil treatments, blissful spa packages and the exceptional skill of our spa therapists. Sink into your own spa vacation: choose from invigorating facials, soothing massages, or luxurious all-day spa packages featuring scrubs, body wraps, and more. Allow Moonlight Basin’s welcoming, professional staff to create your ideal spa vacation, with personally tailored treatments and divine package ideas.

Get the Early Bird” Special of 10% off of treatments, for services received before 12PM!

Starting April 12- April 24, Moonlight Spa will be open Monday- Friday, 9AM-5PM and weekends 8AM-7PM.

Appointments can be made by calling the Reception Desk at (888) 565-7056.

One Response to “Unwind and Indulge at The Moonlight Basin Spa”
  1. Spauno says:

    Hey!! One of my friends visited the place and has been praising it since then. The spa, the place, the hospitality, the massage and in short the whole vacation. I would like to thank you on their behalf.

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