Cole Schneider Rocks Volcom’s PB & Rail Jam

Back in February, we had a blast hosting a stop on Volcom’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam tour here at Moonlight Basin.  The day was filled with park tricks, good company, and great talent.  Local rider Cole Schneider competed and killed it, placing in the top 5 at our event and earning a place in the Championships held at Mammoth Mountain on April 16th.

Fast forward a few months to the Rail Jam Championships.  Cole once again showed off his moves, and did so well that he took 2nd place overall in the 16 and over division, locking down a cash prize of $1,500…not too shabby!

Mammoth was super fun and I had a great time riding their parks.  It’s nice to come back home to the Zero Gravity Terrain Park.  It’s been a great place to learn tricks and I like that they mix up the park frequently instead of riding the same stuff week after week.Cole Schneider

We’re stoked for Cole on this great accomplishment, and thrilled that Montana and Moonlight were represented at the event.  Thanks to all who participated this year, and a huge congrats to Cole.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with next year.


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