Meet BJ Morgan, Moonlight’s Horse Expert

One of the best ways to discover Montana is on horseback, and with over 20 years combined experience in the industry, Cedar Mountain Corrals at Moonlight Basin is ready to guide you through Moonlight Basin’s backyard of valleys, meadows, forest and mountains.  Today, meet BJ Morgan, our horse expert and true Montana cowboy.

Name: BJ Morgan

Nickname: Known to longtime family friends as “Shorty”

Hometown: Now resides in Alder, MT – born in Bozeman, raised in Manhattan, MT

Interesting Personal Fact: Doesnt’ like peanut butter, but likes peanut butter cookies.

Time Spent Working with Horses: BJ was ranch raised, so he’s been around horses all his life – working on various guest ranches (mostly in the Gallatin canyon) and guiding hunters on horseback since he was 18 -over 20 years.

Favorite Place to go Riding: Loves to explore new places – basically anywhere that isn’t popular to the public – likes secluded spots

Most Memorable Montana Experience: Working on the “Beef, Its What’s for Dinner” commercial that was produced in the early 90’s – the episode was filmed in Manhattan, MT – they were looking at small towns with a big town name. “Manhattan… Montana, not New York.” Sam Elliot narrated the commercials.

Favorite Horse: Has a preference for his team of Black percherons, “Mike & Major” who stand approximately 19 hands, and weigh 2000 pounds each – had a favorite horse when he was younger named “Moony” that he rode everywhere and back… twice.

The stables will be opening on May 16th (weather permitting), and we’ve love to have you come on down.  There’s no better way to get that true western experience.


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