5 Reasons to Visit the Big Sky Farmer’s Market

Summers in Big Sky aren’t complete without a trip to the local Farmer’s Market, and with vendors rockin’ their goods every Wednesday, you have no excuse not to make it.  Not that you need any extra convincing, but here are 5 reasons to visit the Big Sky Farmer’s Market.

1) Arts, crafts and knickknacks, oh my!  With so many creative little gems, how can you resist?  From beaded necklaces to scented candles, if you’re looking for a unique one of a kind item, look no further.  We think a wooden cat cutout would make the purrrrfect gift for Aunt Sally this Christmas, don’t you?

2) Can you say Free Samples?  Fresh fruit and other tasty goodies are just waiting for you to devour them.  Ask real nicely and we bet a vendor or two would be willing to throw in a free little taste.  (But you’ve been warned: Once you’ve tried a bite, you’ll be back for more….)

3) Get Out N’ About!  We’ve got great weather, gorgeous scenery, and lots of friendly faces around town.  How about unplugging from the tech world, and instead of playing Farmville on Facebook, actually go out and taste some local produce from real farms?

4) The picture below is reason enough.

5) YUM! The fresh homemade pies are to die for.  TO DIE FOR!

We look forward to seeing you all out at the Big Sky Farmer’s Market.  There’s nothing like fresh air, friendly faces and lots of great items up for grabs.  See you Wednesday!


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