5 Ways to Prep For the Ski Season

Your DVD viewing over the last two months has consisted mainly of Warren Miller films, you collect & save  your old season pass IDs like a kid with Pokemon cards, and you never did have the heart to put those skis away up in the attic-so they’ve been sitting proudly displayed in the living room during the hot summer months.  Well my friend, your patience has paid off as we’ve got ski season right around the corner.  Moonlight Basin will be opening for the 2011-12 Winter Season on December 10, 2011, (weather and conditions permitting,) and with 1,900 acres calling your name, the countdown has officially begun.  And while you can just show up opening day, you my friend, know that to perfect that first day requires some pre-planning.  Here are the top 5 ways to prep for an epic season at Moonlight Basin.

  1. You Buy Em’, You Break Em’- A twist to the old saying, but people who have had the unfortunate occurrence of skipping this step really have paid for it on the slopes.  Those new Nordicas may look killer, but if you don’t wear them in before you hit the mountain, you’ll be crying all the way back to the parking lot.  If you’re going to get new equipment, wait on the online bargain and try them on first to make sure they fit comfortably.  After, break those bad-boys in before you head up to Moonlight Basin.  Wear em’ around your living room so the liner breaks in as it conforms to your foot, which happens a bit faster in warmer conditions like room temp. Your feet will thank you later.
  2. Shape Up Before You Ship Out- Watching the Jersey Shore Marathon this summer may have done wonders for your pop-culutre references, but unfortunately didn’t help your “situation” as far as keeping fit goes.  Now’s the time to really work on your lower body strength with lunges and squats.  Some cardio on the elliptical will also help get you ready for the mountain.
  3. Tune In- Time to start thinking about your opening day iTunes Playlist.  Need some suggestions on what to load up on your iPod?  Here are some of our favs.
  4. Pass It Up- Now that winter 11′-12 is a reality, it’s time to get that season pass.  You’ll love the freedom to head on up whenever you want without stopping at the ticket window first.
  5. Now THAT’S a Bargain- September and October are great months for the pop-up sales!  Last year’s demo-equipment will go on sale, and if you arrive early on the scene, you can score big on a barely-used pair of skis or a board.  Check your local ski or sports shop for tent blow-out dates.

We’re as anxious as you are for the snow!  Can’t wait to see you up here at Moonlight Basin!


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