Bring on the Snow

I wake up at 5am put my headlamp on, grab the dog and head out for my morning run.  It is October 7th and the weather has started to change and the daylight hours are getting shorter.  There is a light rain in Bozeman and the temperature is 45 degrees.  This weather gets my heart pumping as I anticipate what could be happening at the higher elevations.

I kiss my wife and daughters goodbye and get in my car for the daily commute and commence with my ritual.  I turn on Sirius Satellite radio to ESPN and hit pause, I then turn to the local NPR station and get my fix of local and world news as I head toward the canyon.  Once the NPR signal gets weak, I switch to satellite and listen to Mike and Mike and fast-forward through the commercials.  This morning is different though because I cannot get the weather out of my mind and can’t wait to get to Moonlight to see if we received any snow.  Normally I am absorbed in the news and sports stories of the day and intently listen to the broadcasters.  I hear in the background about the Yankees losing, but today my mind is drifting and thinking about the winter ahead.

I am in the canyon now and the temp has dropped to 42, the Gallatin River looks beautiful in this early morning light.  I keep my eyes on the road but keep looking down to see if the temperature continues to drop.  It’s dropping and my mind is racing thinking of all the things that still need to get done to be ready for this winter season.  The anxiety soon passes as I picture myself clipping into my Telemark skis and making my first turns of the season.

As I make the turn and drive up towards Lone Peak, I am hoping to see a beautifully white covered peak but unfortunately or fortunately the clouds are blocking the way.  As I pass the Town Center I see another car coming down the mountain and it confirms my hope as it has 3” of the white stuff on its roof.  I find myself saying out loud as if I was at a Bronco game and they just scored, “YES”!  (I have not said that word many times this year watching the Broncos.)

I turn into Moonlight and the temp is 32 degrees, snow covers the ground and now I am thinking about when I need to put on my snow tires for the winter. It quickly passes as a nice 6 point bull elk crosses the road and I watch in wonder at this magnificent animal.  Even he knows that winter is coming and it is time to get ready for the snow.  I pull into the Madison Village, go into my office and realize it is time to turn on the heat as the temp inside is just 62.

Most people that face snow on their morning commute are upset at the additional time and hassle it takes to get to work.  I find myself smiling from ear to ear waiting for some other team members to show up to share in the joy. No words need to be said as we make eye contact and just nod our heads as to say “it’s time to get it on”.  I find one team member not smiling on this beautiful morning, our golf superintendent Mike, who was hoping to get one more weekend for our members, too bad for him.

This snow is too good to keep to ourselves, so Jen and I grab the Flip camera and go outside to shoot some quick videos to share with our Facebook fans.  We shoot some stills and make some snowballs to check the water content.  The snow is fantastic and will be a great base to start out this season and I wish I could get out on it now.  It is time for patience as we all know that it is a La Nina year and there will be plenty of it.   I love this time of year.

Greg Pack

2 Responses to “Bring on the Snow”
  1. David says:

    The snow looked beautiful! Could someone please fix the webcam at the lodge. I live in FL and the only way I get my MB fix is checking in on the cams every day!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Can’t wait to make it up to Moonlight Basin this year. It will be our first time to make it up since our son is now old enough to ski! I have heard GREAT things about the skiing.

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