Avalanche Safety with Our Trained Moonlight Rescue Dogs

Wave to our resident yellow lab Couder on the chairlift as he passes by, he’s an important member of our team here at Moonlight! Avalanche safety is important to us and all avid snow sport addicts out there. We chase powder, snow days and the thrill of the downhill, all while enjoying the mountain the smart way. Moonlight Basin’s Avalanche Rescue Dog program consists of four well-trained and very intelligent teams. Not only are these dogs professionally trained to air scent buried avalanche victims or articles but they are also quite the personalities oftentimes seen trucking along on the chairlifts, snowmobiles, or getting powder face shots in the bowl. Couder, Chica, and Honky Tonk are currently certified Avalanche rescue dogs and Guido is aiming to join the certified teams this winter.

Meet the team:

  • Kevin Retchless also known as “Sheriff” is Moonlight Basin’s Assistant Ski Patrol Director and his right hand man 7 year old yellow lab, Couder
  • Ronnie Burnett with his spunky and sweet 4 year old chocolate lab, Honky Tonk
  • Chris Caterina with  his energetic and enthusiastic 3 year old chocolate lab, Guido
  • Ellie Thompson and her contemplative and no nonsense, 5 year old chocolate lab Chica.

Join us every Saturday at 2 p.m. outside Headwaters Grill to watch this amazing team perform an avalanche rescue dog demonstration. You’re in good paws!

2 Responses to “Avalanche Safety with Our Trained Moonlight Rescue Dogs”
  1. Kim says:

    Seems like you guys have a great program!
    I just moved to the area from Alaska and I have a 4 year old German Shepherd Avalanche Rescue Dog, named Echo!
    We are currently looking for training partners and snow to dig in!

  2. Jaime M. Moore says:

    Just seeing the adorable faces of avalanche rescue dogs gives a peace of mind.

    I’ve learned that these dogs have been saving lives way back in 1800’s and the very common breed of dog was the St. Bernard (source: http://www.mountainyahoos.com/Avalanche-Rescue-Dogs.html ).

    I love and I respect avalanche rescue dogs; they’ve gone through intensive trainings which involves adapting to cold weather and they also risk their lives when saving avalanche victims.

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