#ROCKSTARLIFE Moonlight Basin Style

What does it mean to live a “Rock Star Life?” For the individuals over at Khross  and their #ROCKSTARLIFE campaign, a “rock-star” isn’t simply just a musician, they may be; the world traveler, entrepreneur, charity organization member, skydiver, concert-goer etc. It’s not necessarily what you do, it’s just how you do it. As long you are living your life, loving it, and not even thinking twice to second guess yourself, you are a rock star.

For us here at Moonlight Basin we love this campaign and would like for our entire Moonlight family to show us how they are living the #ROCKSTARLIFE. Whether you are spending early mornings tracking out lines or late nights telling stories of how big you went all day, we want to see pictures. To do so, it is as easy as this:

  1. Snap a picture of what you’re doing at Moonlight. Make sure that #ROCKSTARLIFE is somewhere in the photo.
  2. Tweet or share your photo with us and be sure to tag @MoonlightBasin and @Khrossofficial as well as the HashTag #ROCKSTARLIFE.
  3. Have your photos compiled in an album with all the other rock stars out there.

These three simple steps will allow you to have your rock star life displayed to the entire world and hopefully encourage others to continue doing what they enjoy most. We know there are people living that rock star life everyday at Moonlight Basin, so don’t hesitate to broadcast it to everyone!


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