My Montana: A Life Long Vacation Under The Big Sky. By: Paul Herberger

I can’t believe Wyatt is already five years old. Diapers to black diamonds in the blink of an eye. It all happens so fast! This kid has no idea how good he has it, skiing and playing in the Montana outdoors, free season passes to the ski resort until he’s 10 and access to the Biggest Skiing In America.  People come from all over the world to vacation and ski here. That’s how we ended up here. What started as a ski vacation turned into a lifetime habit. All Wyatt has ever known is Moonlight and that’s just fine with me. I hope it is days like these that come to mind when he thinks about skiing. Him and dad cruising up to the hill, booting up and clicking in right next to the lift, hot laps on Six Shooter until his little legs are beat. You don’t find this everyday.

Today we skied out of the Headwaters Grille and hit up some of his favorite runs. Wyatt guided me through Stillwater Bowl down Meriwether and zipped through one of a hundred nameless gullies all the kids love so much. The days of of the edgey-wedgey and the bunny hill are long gone. He’s my little ski buddy now, and he’s ripping! We hardly saw a soul our entire run, I love this place.  Our own Neverland: a big resort with world-class terrain with a real mom and pop feel. It’s grown a bit over the year and there are a lot of new faces, but in so many ways it’s still the Moonlight of my youth. This place helped shaped me and molded me into the skier I am today. It’ll be the same for Wyatt as he grows up on Moonlight Basin.


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