The North Slope Showcase At Moonlight Basin

Moonlight Basin and the North Slope Deli are currently looking for submissions to the 2nd Annual North Slope Showcase. This showcase, on display on a dedicated wall at the North Slope Deli in the Moonlight Lodge, honors the best powder and action shots at Moonlight Basin. Each year’s winning photos are included in the showcase, signed, framed, and displayed as a tribute to the Moonlight athletes and photographers for all time. Notable winners from last season include professional photographer Chalie Bolte and Freeride World Tour Qualifier competitor Pat Gannon, ski legend Lonnie Ball and his Headwaters Spring Runoff freeride competition photo of Jeff Knaub, and local Scott Smith’s image of Blaine Ballard and Clint Johnson.

Have a photo that is worthy of The North Slope Showcase? Simply submit your favorite Moonlight Basin powder and action shots via email at Along with the honor and prestige of their art work hanging in the North Slope Showcase, winners will receive a complimentary lunch at the North Slope Deli!

Charlie Bolte and his photo of Pat Gannon

Scott Smith's photo of Blaine Ballard and Clint Johnson jumping off of a cat track at Moonlight Basin Resort in Big Sky, Montana.

Scott Johnson’s photo of Blaine Ballard and Clint Johnson

Skier Jeff Knaub sending The Toad at Moonlight Basin's Headwaters Spring Runoff big mountain freeride competiion in Big Sky, Montana.

Lonnie Ball’s photo of Jeff Knaub

2 Responses to “The North Slope Showcase At Moonlight Basin”
  1. Ross Lingle says:

    Any word on the 2013 photos?

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