One Breath At A Time: Delilah’s Weekly Yoga Poses & Affirmations #1

I hear it all the time. Moms from Big Sky, Montana to New York, New Jersey, and the world around. They all tell their kids the same thing; “Sit up straight!!!” Moms say it because they know instinctively it’s important to have good posture. We  just look and feel better. The same is true in our Yoga. We understand that the main flow of energy is along our spinal column. When the spine is straight, the energy flows, giving sustainability to our vital organs. If we slump and slouch, we impede the flow of vital energy (also known as Chi) which bathes and feeds the internal organ.

For this weeks lesson, find yourself in a comfortable seated position. Slightly elevate the edge of the hips to make straightening the back easier. Close the eyes, relax the shoulders, relax the belly, and extend the crown of the head toward the ceiling. Begin to breathe through the nostrils, bring the breath in through the nose, down the back of the throat to the base of the spine. Pause momentarily, now exhale, bringing the breath up the base of the spine, through the back of the throat and out the nostrils.

Concentrate only on the sound of your breath as you breathe in and out. Do 20 to 30 slow deep breaths every morning and evening. Notice your increased energy and increased awareness of your posture.



Delilah Price Eakman studied at the Amrit Yoga Institute, owns Dimension 3 Yoga, and is a Certified 500 Hour Yoga Alliance instructor, Integrative Relaxation Facilitator, and Reiki Provider.

Come join Delilah on Monday and Friday mornings starting July 5th as she teaches Yoga On The Deck here at  Moonlight Basin.


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