Catapalooza Back To School Celebration

Catapalooza: Fun, Games, & Back To School Sales & Celebrations

This year’s Montana State University‘s Catapalooza back to school celebration went off! New and returning students arrived to clear blue Montana skies, warm temps, and were welcomed with open arms from campus and community organizations/businesses alike. This annual back to school celebration offers students a chance to play games and mingle, pick up free school supplies, fashionable gifts/swag, and take advantage of sales from local businesses. Here’s a quick recap of some of the highlights of this year’s event.


With everything from the National Guard’s rock climbing wall, to Frisbee golf, and corn hole: there was no lack of fun and games to entertain at this years event.

Moonlight Basin was on campus giving out FREE popcorn and Rockstar, watching ski movies, playing games, and getting everyone stoked on the best college season pass deal around!

MSU’s marching band with an impromptu performance, belting out the tunes, and making their presence known.

Local artist Matt “Mathias” Nunberg jamming out and entertaining this year’s crowd at Catapalooza.

MSU Swing Dance Club was all over the Mathias show and cutting up a rug.

The Toy Soldier Productions crew was there showing off their new toys and getting everyone fired up for the new film “Act Natural” that’s premiering in Bozeman on Sept. 7th. Notice the nitrous-oxide tank on their new cable tow… Not messing around!

Our sorority sisters from Chi Omega a few booths down.

MSU Frisbee Golf Club playing for fun, bragging rights, and push pops. Good times!

The Crew at Bling Wireless pulling out all the stops and putting up a new iPhone 5 for grabs.

One of the best things about going to college in Bozeman is the community radio station, KGLT. Good tunes and great DJ’s!

A epic Jenga battle ensued between Moonlight Basin and Big Sky Resorts. 25 layers and a tight match. In the end there could be only one. Team Big Sky moments before disaster!

Sigma Chi doing a little pre-party preparation before their Rockstar concert with The Good Husbands Saturday night.

Two turn tables and a microphone…

People starting to pour in for The Good Husbands concert at Sigma Chi and kicking off the school year!

Moonlight Basin’s college season pass sale runs through September 30th. For more information on Moonlight Basin, the Skyline Bus system that runs from MSU to the resort, and all things Moonlight please contact us HERE or visit us on Facebook/Twitter.


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