Hot Tips For Cool Nights: Keeping Your Kids In The Halloween Spirit

Costume ideas to keep your kids in the Halloween spirit!

Hot Tips For Cool Nights: Keeping Your Kids In The Halloween Spirit

Halloween is almost upon us, and here at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana that usually means three things: costumes, candy, and cold nights. Our little trick or treaters give all the care and attention in the world to dialing in their Princess Tiana or Batman costumes, but tend to forget about the long hours spent  braving the cold in search of candy treasure. Living and playing in the Rocky Mountains, we are well aware of what it takes to have fun in the cold. Here are a few Halloween costume ideas and tips from our team to keep your little goblins and ghouls warm and cozy this holiday.

  • Choose your Boos wisely: Not all costumes are created equal when it comes to the cold. Ninjas and gorillas are far better suited for the cold scary nights compared to say Wunder Woman or The Incredible Hulk. Choosing a costume more suited for the elements will make all the difference.
  • Bust out the spook-tech: It’s almost time to pull out the ski gear anyway. Mind as well put all those synthetic first layers to good use. Not only will they keep your kids warm and dry, but they fit under or go with almost any costume. Keeping the costume both fashionable and functional is the key to keeping your little trick or treaters happy.
  • To the Bat-mobile: Ask any kid and they’ll tell you. Every superhero has cool support vehicle for their adventures. Why should Halloween be any different? Hit up the Halloween store for some tempera paint, decals, decorations, and go to town! Turn mom’s lame mini van or every day SUV into a space ship, monster truck, or a giant jack-o’-lantern! With your newly designed support vehicle you and the kids have a place to warm up and rest, take candy breaks, bump some tunes, and roll through the neighborhood in style.

From all of us here at Moonlight Basin we want to wish you and yours a safe and happy Halloween!

Come join us on December 8 as we celebrate the opening day of the ski season. Click HERE for more info.


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