North Side Spotlight: Todd Kirby Wins 2013 A-Rob Smash Life Bank Slalom At Big Sky, Montana

Todd Kirby's winning run at the Smash Life Bank Slalom in Big Sy, Montana
Images courtesy of Morth Photography.

In this installment of North Side Spotlight  we catch up with 2013 Smash Life Bank Slalom champion & Moonlight Basin Athlete Todd Kirby. Kirby, along with Jason Robinson, Shane Stalling, Lucas Debari, Alex Yoder, & a deep field of riders, friends, & fans gathered at neighboring Big Sky Resort to rally & celebrate the memory of our late friend & snowboarding legend Aaron Robinson(aka A-Rob).

MB: Congratulations on your win on this year’s Smash Life Banked Slalom. You are the reigning champion! Tell us about this event & why it’s so special to you?

TK: Yeah, it was  super fun weekend! After last year’s win here at Smash Life it has become one of my favorites. Great course, good vibes, & all in the name of A-Rob & the Plant A Seed Foundation. Honored to be here. I think the caliber of riders & character of people this event attracts speaks volumes about Montana, Smash Life, A-Rob, & the whole Robinson family.

MB: How was the course this year?

TK: FAST! You could say the course had a lot of… character. When I got to the bottom I told Jay Moore from World Boards that I think I just blacked out… Once I dropped in everything just hit me soo fast. The upper berms had great flow, & I was able to pump to gain speed, but the bottom half… I have no idea. Blacked out after the rocks. Really just pinned it & hung on for dear life! Never come into a finish line that hot before.

MB: What was the highlight of your day?

TK: That would have to be the parade of mountain goats across the top of the A-Z’s & Headwaters. 15 of them lined up on this knife edge, soaking up the sun, & watching over all of us. It was so surreal. They stayed for the entire race, & then dropped into Moonlight. It was amazing! Definitely felt like A-Rob was looking after us.

MB: What other plans do you have this season?

TK: Lots of travel, filming, events, and snowboarding with friends. Obviously looking forward to exploring more of Moonlight. You guys have such great terrain & a real mellow vibe over there. As for events… It really all depends upon snow & my schedule. There’s the Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam coming up January 19th at Moonlight. Red Bull is hosting an event at Snoqualmi in February I really want to go to. Hopefully I get another invite to Super Park in May. Still need to squeeze in some classes at Montana State University as well. Lots going on as always. My schedule is pretty fluid

Good luck to Todd at this weekend’s Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam Saturday, January 19.  Click HERE to watch video of last year’s event or to REGISTER FOR FREE.

Todd Kirby is the newest member of Moonlight Basin’s Athlete Team. Todd’s other sponsors include: World Boards, Phar North, Ride Snowboards, Gatorade, Coal Headwear, & VonZipper.


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