Hellfire Instagram Scavenger Hunt At Moonlight Basin

The Freeride World Qualifier is returning to Moonlight Basin on March 14-18. To welcome all of our new and returning friends and athletes Moonlight is hosting the first annual Hellfire Instagram Scavenger Hunt. Just think of it as a fun way to relax before the Freeride World Qualifier and get to know the many faces and places at Moonlight. The rules are simple, but the tasks are not. To enter, simply take a Instagram photo of 7 of the 10 tasks listed below, and tag them with #moonlightbasin and #FWQ. The first to do so wins! The winners will be announced on Saturday, March 16 at the Headwaters Grille(photos must be submitted by 4:30pm, March 16. Winners will be contacted via Instagram that day, and have up to 7 days from contact to claim their prize).

Pat Gannon kills it!

Pat Gannon earning points on all fronts by getting the shot & calling his mom while sending The Toad!

Prizes Include:

  • 1st Place: $100 gift certificate at the Jack Creek Grille and 2 2013 Moonlight Basin lift tickets.

  • Runner Up: $50 gift certificate to the Moonride Rental & Repair Shop.

  • Best Photo: $25 gift certificate to The North Slope Deli.

Hellfire Instagram Scavenger Hunt Shotlist:

  1. Photo of you or your partner posing with a mountain goat and a Moonlight Basin sticker.

  2. Find and photograph the Moonlight Basin Dead Head sticker on the Headwaters hike.

  3. Photo of you or your partner pole-whacking the cornice along the Three Forks run of the Headwaters.

  4. Photo of the shot-ski in action at the Headwaters Grille or Jack Creek Grille.

  5. Photo of you or your partner using the bolted rope repel in the crux of Class 4 in the Headwaters.

  6. Photo of your first Moonlight Basin run claimed on ClaimMYrun.

  7. Photo of you or your partner stopping to call your mom at the top of the Tetris Piece

  8. Photo of you or your partners doing some après ski Marco Polo in the hot tub/pool at Moonlight Lodge

  9. Photo of you or your partner presenting gifts of beer/food to Ski Patrol for all their hard work and keeping raw big mountain freeriding accessable here at Moonlight.

  10. Photo of you or your partner with a 4 leaf clover(it is St. Patrick’s Day weekend after all!).


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