Downshifting: Solace & Shade At The Moonlight Spa

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Words by Katie Morrison

Be gentle. A reminder that is typically forgotten on oneself, that I recently took into consideration.  Summer typically means living at full throttle, determined to fit in the most sunshine, trails, rivers, and fairways of our short season as possible, while somehow maintaining the general responsibilities that go along with each 24 hours.  Living intensely and intently, I was maintaining an edge that wasn’t quite manageable.

Last week, I downshifted into a Lavender Calendula Scrub and Treasures of the Sealymphatic massage at the Moonlight Basin Spa, coasting my mind and body into a comfortable silence.  The scrub softly let go of my stress and cells that had been overexposed to the elements. The healing nature of lavender and calendula, both had a calming effect- eliminating irritations held in the back of my mind, as well as any redness in my skin.   The nourishing massage softly pulled my energy back to center through persuasion, rather than force.

From my barefoot soles to my soul, I felt rejuvenated and refreshed, vowing to allow myself more solace and shade.

Katie-MorrisonKatie Morrison has explored many places, but always remains true to her original Montana home. Working for the Outlaw Partners in Big Sky, she wears a lot of hats, and a lot of shoes.  She enjoys broccoli more than she should, and wishes it was always 75 and sunny, with snow.

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