The Rut 50k Recap

The Rut 50K, Big Sky Montana, Moonlight Basin, Ultramarathon, Paul Hamilton

My 5 a.m. alarm sounds and I awake to the sound of heavy rain on the roof. It’s ok , I tell myself, we’ll see what The Rut 50k race directors Mike Wolfe and Mike Foote(now known as the “Montana Mikes“) decide.  As I walk into the Huntley Lodge at Big Sky Resort I can actually feel the excitement.  Luckily the Montana Mikes are big mountain ultra athletes and they tell us the peak is a go. We will be sticking to the original course!

The Rut 50k is not your typical ultramarathon. Trekking to the summit and back of Moonlight Basin and Big Sky Resort‘s 11,166’ Lone Peak, and gaining over 8,200′ of elevation over 31 miles of rugged Montana terrain, The Rut 50k is nothing short of epic! Living in Big Sky and training for this race definitely had its advantages. I was able to run the course before the race and develop a playbook in my head. Pick up speed here, hold a slower and steadier pace there, and where to let it all hang out.  Alas, I was not able to delve deep into my playbook on race day as a sprained ankle at around mile 10 took me out…  Such is life. However, this is where the heart of an ultra runner really shines through. As I was limping along with my injured foot and even more injured ego every runner that passed gave words of encouragement and a helping hand. I returned safely to the base area for some first aid and to enjoy the festivities. In the end the honors went to Paul Hamilton, Matt Shryock, and Luke Nelson for the men, and Erin Phelps, Katilin Macdonald, and Jess Jakes for the women.

With a sold out crowd, epic course, and  world class athletes The Rut 50k is sure to become a ultramarathon of legend, and a Big Sky classic. Congratulations to everyone who finished strong through the pain and rain. As for me… I’ve already got my sights fixed on the finish line for 2014. See you there!

Melinda Turner, ultra runner, Moonlight Basin, Big Sky, Montana, Holistic Health Coach, MT Holistic LivingMelinda Turner is the founder and Holistic Health Coach of MT Holistic Living. When not spreading her message of health and wellness she can be found on Lone Peak training for The Rut 50K, skiing, and playing with her husband and their two huskies.

Want to get a little run in yourself? Click HERE  and check out some of Moonlight Basin’s trails.


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